A-1 Distributing Inc. was established in 1988. We test marketed accessory products for Fey Automotive from 1988 to 1993 and by the end 1993 we had shifted to full time distribution. Our main line of accessories was Truck Step Bumpers.  Step Bumpers were not enough for this small market, so we added a wide variety of accessories. Through this, we strengthened our territory and expanded this market. At this point, Wedgestone Automotive decided they no longer wanted to be in warehouse distribution.  We purchased the Salt Lake City warehouse to become stronger and continue our growth to what it is today. We have grown our service area that includes Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming and the Western Slope of Colorado.  We have not lost focus on our mission over the years.

At the end of 2016, owner Don Albrecht, sold A-1 Distributing Inc. to Chris Mantas of Genos Capital, becoming A-1 Distributing LLC.  Chris has directed A-1 Distributing LLC. to new and exciting levels while still maintaining the same family values.  So far in 2017 we have installed new accounting and computer systems, launched a more robust software, implemented a new Warehouse Management System and invested heavily in inventory. 

A-1 Distributing LLC. is absolutely committed to continue offering quality products and service in the years to come.